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Everything You Need To Know About The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Posted on October 24, 2016

On Sunday Oct. 23rd the annual BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards took place and we couldn’t be prouder of the results! In case you missed it, there were a number of performances throughout the night that really lit it up. One of the biggest surprises was when Niall Horan came on stage to open up the Award show. The crowd had no idea that he would be the one opening the show, so he definitely set the bar high, right out of the gate. Niall performed his solo single hit, “This Town” for the first time as a solo artist in front of a live audience! Talk about serious FOMO.

Another take-away moment that we couldn’t get enough of was when The Vamps performed their new track “All Night.” The energy was on point and we just really wanted to be in the front row when Brad jumped off the stage!

We all now DNCE puts on an epic show, and that’s exactly what they did when they performed their soon-to-be classic “Body Moves.”

And last but not least, our boy Shawn Mendes closed out the show with his beautiful performance of “Mercy.”

Before the show, The Vamps, Shawn Mendes and DNCE gave some AMAZING advice to their teen selves.

The Vamps – Advise To Younger Selves


Brad: Cut your hair!

Tristan: Cut your hair and learn how to dance.

Brad: We still haven’t learned.

Tristan: How cool would it be to pop out some moves. Like break dance.

Connor: Like belly poppin’!

Shawn Mendes – Advise To Younger Self


Shawn: I am still a teenager but to my younger teenage self it would be to think less about stuff and just do it. Don’t worry about what might happen.

DNCE – Advise To Younger Selves


Cole: Don’t worry it’s going to be okay.

Joe: Sit back and relax, it’s all going to be okay. You think it’s the worst thing ever but it’s not.

As for the awards themselves, we were very proud to see our Umusic fam scoop up many of the trophies!

Most Entertaining Celeb:
Taylor Swift

Best International Group:
5 Seconds of Summer

Best British Group:
The Vamps

Best International Solo Artist:
Shawn Mendes

Best Single:
Shawn Mendes – ‘Stitches’

What an incredible show! Let us know your fave moments in the comments below.