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Tove Lo Holds Nothing Back on New Album: Lady Wood

Posted on October 28, 2016

Cool Girl Tove Lo has just dropped her sophomore album Lady Wood and it’s provocative, profane, and playful all at the same time.

With the release of the “Fairy Dust” trailer earlier this month, Tove Lo gave fans a little tease on what they could expect on this upcoming album. The mini-film was spot on, proving Lo is taking this album to new heights!


One thing about Tove Lo, is her unique portrayal of everyday struggles. “She’ll go where other people won’t go,” says David Massey, president and CEO of Island Records. “She has the ability to be really honest in a way that resonates with people in the modern world.” This is exactly what made her smash hit “Habits” so popular.

But the Queen of the Clouds holds nothing back this time around. Lady Wood is a two-part album. The first phase deals with songs relating to that rush you get before something, like a new relationship or experience. The second phase of tracks surrounds the moments after that rush is released – a sort of comedown and longing for that feeling to return.

So what can you expect?


The first full track, “Influence” features just that – hip hop influence Wiz Khalifa adds a lil flare to the beat. “Flashes” and “Don’t Talk About It” are all about facing stardom – something Tove Lo is beginning to experience as she pushes through the charts. “Vibes” has a unique way of shifting from a guitar ballad to an electronic banger.

All of the lyrics on this album reflect deep and sometimes dark struggles, yet each track is perfectly balanced by joyful synth-pop sounds.

Get into the groove with Lady Wood and let us know what you think of the new album in the comments below:

Lady Wood – Tove Lo