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Tove Lo finally releases her highly anticipated video project: Fairy Dust (NSFW)

Posted on November 01, 2016

With the release of Lady Wood, and a teaser for this mini-film, Fairy Dust is EVERYTHING we wanted it to be and more.

ICYMI: Fairy Dust is part one of Tove Lo‘s album Lady Wood. The set of songs in this chapter are designed to reflect what we all know as “the chase”. Whether it’s for love, fame, money, or excitement, the chase can be fun and dangerous at the same time. That’s exactly what Fairy Dust tries to capture in this vividly raw video montage.

The opening scene starts off with Tove getting off an elevator and entering a dingy motel parking lot. She breaks out into a sort of helpless hysteria, until finally we cut into a new day. Tove’s alter ego, played by Lina Esco now takes the stage. The first track of the album “Influence” plays and Tove Lo goes under.

Tove Lo Fairy Dust

Sprinkle a plethora of thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping acts, plus something familiar in between, and you’ve got yourself a 30-minute ride into the album that is Lady Wood. Other notable soundtrack features include: “True Disaster”, “Lady Wood”, and “Vibes”.

Watch the full film here (we suggest your full screen it) and let us know what you think in the comments below:

Tove Lo – Fairy Dust