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Beach Season Invites You Into their "Pink Room"

Posted on November 04, 2016

We’ve been vibing to Beach Season all season, but now they’re here to shake things up with this ultra funky new track “Pink Room“.

So what exactly is “Pink Room?” The beach bois opened the door and let us in: “The mood in the room, and the vibe that had just been set with the photo shoot is what laid the groundwork for Pink Room”.

Makes sense. Have you seen the artwork for their latest singles “Midnights” and “Tribes“?



But what’s the meaning behind the mysterious woman? Only time will tell when the boys release their first EP Libra Year, later this month.

Now let’s get down the music. The vision behind this track goes way back. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned”. Sam and Simon knows exactly what the great artist and inventor meant:

“This was a song that we dug up from the archives and continued to develop. It started off as a slow jam that’s half the tempo of the version now and through out the last six months we had different writers and friends put their own spin on it. It’s been through a lot of changes and I think that it’s an accurate representation of our development in the past year”.

Well, looks like patience is a virtue after all. We love the new direction this song went in. In comparison to “Midnights” and “Tribes,” “Pink Room” is full of the same psychedelic vibes, but keeps us grounded with a funky bass.

Plus, a video for Pink Room will be dropping next week! Here’s a lil taste:


Ohhhhhh man, we’re excited to finally see the boys in action. In the meantime, get acquainted with the new track here and let us know know what you think!

“Pink Room” – Beach Season