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Get The Look: Niall Horan

Posted on November 17, 2016

We all know the boys of One D have style beyond compare, but one member is bringing it back to the basics. After all, simple is the new standard. Niall Horan, the Irish heartthrob who recently began his solo career away from the British supergroup knows how to make a hit and look good doing it. Making his press tour rounds, Niall stopped in at Sirius XM Radio to perform his first single, “This Town” to a crowd of diehard fans.

Have no fear because we’re here to help you get the look that will make everyone turn their head for a second glance. Here’s what we’re all going for:

So there you have it. Now you can look as good as Niall and be the freshest looking kid This Town has ever seen. Why not listen to Niall’s hit while you think about how FINE you’re gonna look?!