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DNCE Finally Drops Their Self-Titled Album

Posted on November 18, 2016

It’s finally here! Following up their 2015 debut EP SWAAY, Joe, JinJoo, Jack, and Cole want you to keep you dancing with their new album, DNCE.

After teasing us with a few tracks like “Body Moves” and “Blown“, DNCE sets the bar and proves that this album is gonna take us on a ride.

In an interview with EW last month, frontman Joe Jonas said “I think there’s this beach vibe to the album and overall good vibes, good feelings. It’s not too emotional or heavy.”

The 13 track album includes singles such as the beautiful ballad that is “Almost,” the sexy pop jam titled is “Naked,” and the ultra-funky tune – “Pay My Rent.” And if you wish all your fave DNCE tracks could live together, you’re in luck! Also included in the album are your faves like “Toothbrush” and “Cake By The Ocean!”

And from one brotha to anotha, Nick also shows mad love:


So what the heck are you waiting for? Make your week all that much better with DNCE! Check out all the tracks here and let us know what you think of the new album in the comments below: