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Pop Into The Weeknd’s Starboy Pop-Up Shop

Posted on November 25, 2016

Both fans of The Weeknd and fans of fashion are being treated like royalty! The Starboy himself has touched down in Toronto with his very own Pop-Up Shop, powered by Shopify. Celebrating the release of his third studio album, Starboy, The Weeknd has gone all out with his Pop-Up to ensure maximum fan experience. The very first day it opened (Thursday, Nov. 24) The Weeknd actually made an appearance at the shop to sign some autographs before heading out to to his album listening party.



The energy that night was electric! Now the Pop-Up Shop is open to the public and anyone who wants to drop by can. The shop has everything a true Starboy could ever want – Hats, Ts, Long Sleeves, and Jackets. Of course, there is a limited supply of merch so you definitely want to get down there sooner than later!


What really makes this Pop-Up so special is its authenticity to the album. The aesthetic is so on point it’s kind of ridiculous. Everything is lit via red neon and there are a number of crosses and lightning bolts featured around the room.


Check out the rest of our photos of the Starboy Pop-Up Shop below, and listen to the album while you’re viewing to experience the full vibe.

Don’t forget, the Pop-Up will run all weekend from 10am – 7pm, located at 12 Ossington Avenue.

Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on grabbing some merch! Get there soon, cause you don’t want to miss out!