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Watch Demi Lovato ‘Su’Move It, Move It!’ On Ellen!

Posted on February 22, 2017

Demi Lovato sure can make us laugh!

Ahead of her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, a video released on the show’s YouTube channel shows Demi and Ellen engaging a fun, super-sized version of the popular “Heads Up!” game.

And boy, was it ever HILARIOUS. When Demi did this little shimmy and made us realize why we love her…

And her face when she acted out this maneuver:

Brb, crying from laughing so hard. Check out the full video below and tweet us your thoughts @umusic!

Demi Lovato – Su’Move It! On Ellen

Ellen always knows how to make us laugh, and isn’t Demi just perfect? What game would you want to see them both play next? Let us know in the comments.