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5 Times The Guys Of Arkells Made Us Swoon

Posted on March 27, 2017

Arkells are one of our favorite band’s for many reasons! One of them being how proud they are to be from little ‘ole Hamilton, Ontario.

The other reasons literally lay in all the times they have made our hearts flutter and made us do a little bit of this:

Check out our list below of the 5 times the boys from Arkells made us swoon:

1. The time they told us how much they loved their hometown

2. The time this happened

3. This line from Their track “My Heart Is Always Yours”

Now if
Time is what it takes I’ll be here
I’ll be waiting for you
Hearts don’t need to break
No tears: always in your corner
You know I’ll be waiting for you
You know
Always yours
My heart’s always yours

Who are we kidding – the entire song makes gives us butterflies!

4. The Time They Did a Reddit AMA

Arkells - Reddit AMA

Read the entire thing here. Trust us, it’s PERFECT!

5. And This Photo, Obviously …


It’s all just too much! We would definitely accept those roses ❤️ So now that we’re all fully swooned out, let us know how much you love Arkells in the comments or tweet us @umusic.

Also, feel free to give their latest album, Morning Report, a listen because it’s certified AMAZING!!

Arkells – Morning Report