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Posted on April 01, 2017

Yesterday we traveled from Toronto to Ottawa for JUNOS Weekend!


We had to be at Union station for 8am, which is way early for a Friday, but The JUNO Express was so much fun that it was entirely worth it. Did we mention there was bottomless champagne provided from Jackson Triggs?


As soon as we got to Ottawa we noticed it was slightly colder than Toronto. The snowfall was pretty though! And we soon forgot the weather when we walked into the station and were welcomed in the most exciting way!  There was a red carpet on the ground, paparazzi & locals shouting their welcomes to us. We felt like such celebs!


While we were on the train we caught a CBC q announcement. They were holding their first ever pop up performance; and guess the band that was playing…Arkells! As soon as we could, we got over to the venue. There were no more than 50 people in the room, including the band! Let’s talk about intimate.

Max got into the crowd a few times, giving the fans something they’d remember! At one point, he even took glasses off a photographers face and got into character. (TBH they really suited him)


Check out some photos we took!

Before we left for the JUNOS Welcome Reception, we stopped by the Bravado Canada Popup Shop in the Andaz Hotel lobby. And man, they have some good things!!! Go check it out if you’re in Ottawa, and also stay tuned on our Twitter for something exciting…wink wink 😉

We ended the day with dinner & cocktails with our umusic family!

We’ve only been in Ottawa for a couple hours and we already feel like we’ve experienced so much. Check out our recap insta-gallery and stay tuned for all of Day 2 excitement!