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Niall Horan Is An Ottawa Senators Fan?

Posted on May 10, 2017

It may have just been the right time and place, but one of pop music’s BIGGEST stars, Niall Horan, took to his snapchat the other night to cheer on Canada’s capital hockey team, the Ottawa Senators! The Sens, leading their playoff series with 3 games to 2, only needed to win one more to finish off the New York Rangers.

Niall Horan - Hockey 1

Perhaps it was all thanks to Niall’s cheering efforts that Ottawa was able to pull off the win! That’s what we’re telling ourselves at least … *wink wink*

Niall Horan - Hockey 2

Wohooooo in deed Niall, wohooooo in deed. In case you want a full recap of the game, check it out.

Ottawa will head to Eastern Conference Finals to battle it out and get one step closer to the Stanley Cup Final! Don’t forget to cheer on Niall, by listening to his latest track “Slow Hands” below.

Niall Horan – “Slow Hands”

So has Niall Horan made you a Ottawa Senators fan? Let us know by giving us a tweet @umusic.