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Katy Perry’s #BonAppetitChallenge Is Our New Fave Trend

Posted on May 16, 2017

It started with the Ice Bucket Challenge, and then moved to the Mannequin Challenge. What’s this month’s latest viral trend?! Katy Perry‘s #BonAppetitChallenge! The origins of this internet movement come from Katy’s latest music video for her hit track “Bon Appetit.” In the video she is seen seasoning herself in a large pot of soup, and might we add that she looks GOOOOOD doing it!

If you haven’t seen the entire vid, stop reading and WATCH!

Katy Perry – “Bon Appetit”

Now on to the challenge itself with the tweet that sparked it all:

From there, the internet took over. Let’s look at some of our fave #BonAppetitChallenge videos:

And last, but not least, QUEEN Katy decided to join in on the fun. Check out what she posted on her Insta that explains all the rules.


We LOVE this challenge!! Wanna participate in the #BonAppetitChallenge?! Send us your vid on twitter and tag us @umusic!