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Girl Power All Day Every Day: Hailee Steinfeld’s “Most Girls”

Posted on May 23, 2017

We’ve just watched Hailee Steinfeld‘s music video to “Most Girls” and we can’t deal – no, literally, we cannot deal. Not only is her track fiyaaaa, but her music video complements it perfectly.

The video starts with the guy Hailee is on a date with telling her that she is “not like most girls”. The thing is this: who ever said it was a negative thing to be like ‘most girls’? Through the video, Hailee demonstrates that it is quite the opposite. She takes offense to what he says because, ‘most girls’ are “smart and strong and beautiful” and ‘most girls’ “work hard, go far, [they] are unstoppable”. Being like ‘most girls’ is in fact a good thing, rather than a negative one! Hello, #PlotTwist!!

Throughout the duration of her music video, Hailee portrays 4 different characters. She makes sure to put emphasis on her point that although “no two [girls] are the same”, it does not take away the fact that they all possess positive characteristics. She’s constantly shedding light on them in their own manner.

While Hailee is the main character, other unique individuals join her near the end of the video, all sporting white t-shirts with a different, empowering word describing each. The shirts say things such as “fierce”, “feisty”, “unstoppable” and “committed”. We love the positive vibe exuded in this music video, and the idea of removing stereotypes on this issue that may be present in today’s society!

PS – Did you catch the “boy bye” poster that was being worked on throughout the duration of the music video? Sneaky, sneaky, but we caught it! 🙂

Make sure you take a look at the FULL music video for “Most Girls” – it really is one of our FAVES! #GIRLBAWSES

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

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