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PREMIERE: Christian Hudson’s “Four Leaf Clover” Remixes

Posted on June 02, 2017

Meet Christian Hudson. Today marks his first remix release for his incredible debut single, “Four Leaf Clover,” which has garnered over 1.4M Spotify streams in Canada since its release. Newly signed to Universal Music Canada, the Calgary-based artist is not only a talented singer/songwriter but has a big heart displayed through both his lyrics, as well as his generous and empathetic soul. 

The original version of “Four Leaf Clover” is mellow in sound, focusing on Christian’s vocals. Remixers Klowds, Benny Benassi and Price & Takis transform the track completely with their unique styles. While Klowds adds a soft beat on his remix, transporting you to a beach (in your mind, of course) as you listen, Benny Benassi and Price & Takis metamorphose the single into dance tracks, speeding up both the vocals and beat. While the second two go in the same direction of genre, each remixer puts their very own spark on the track, making both versions entirely their own! Check them all out: 

“Four Leaf Clover” Remixes – Christian Hudson

Turning to Christian himself, he says the meaning behind “Four Leaf Clover” stems from the topic of love:

“I was 17 and I just had a fun little breakup and I was thinking, Man, that was a pretty sticky situation top to bottom. And then afterwards you’re left going, what would a functional relationship look like? What would the ideal situation look like? And that sort of translated into the song.”

Christian Hudson "Four Leaf Clover" Press Image

As for Christian, on his musical career, he says: 

“I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Universal Music. So many of the acts that inspire me are on their roster. As an artist, the most valuable thing in the world is to have a team that believes in you and what you create. We’re working on a lot of new music and I’m really excited for people to hear it.”

We are excited ourselves and cannot wait to hear more from Christian in the near future!

You’ve listened to the remixes, now see how they compare to Christian’s original version of the song:

“Four Leaf Clover” – Christian Hudson

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