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James Barker Band’s Beautiful Freakshow Tour Diary

Posted on June 06, 2017

James Barker Band‘s tour, where they accompanied Dean Brody on the road across Canada, may have come to an end; but lucky for us, Connor, Taylor, Bobby and James took to their personal and band Instagram accounts throughout its duration to document their time on the road. From bus rides to performance clips and pictures, we felt like we traveled cross-country with them over the last few months! 🚌

Here’s a little taste of what it looked like on stage:




And now comes the photo album. Turn up “Chills” for full effect when flipping through:

Chills – James Barker Band

That gave us chills. You too??

Were you able to catch James Barker Band on tour? Let us know about your experience by commenting/reacting below or tweeting us @umusic! 🙂