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Meet Electro Party Pop Band: NEW CITY

Posted on June 07, 2017

Meet Adrian Mitchell, Jed Webster and Nathan Brown, the guys behind rising electro party pop band, NEW CITY.

NEW CITY first started as a team of two, with lifelong friends Jed and Nathan moving from New Brunswick, where they lived on a farm and rode dirt bikes, to the urban city of Toronto, with the goal of seriously pursuing music. Once in TO, they worked on music every day, and felt the struggle of being musicians, even sleeping on basement floors for many nights. It is here that they were introduced to their current third member, Adrian.

NEW CITY members in front of a neon sign

On their philosophy, clearly embodied in their music via lyrics and sound, Jed says:

“A lot of people take things so seriously. We believe if it feels good you should do it. If it sounds good, you should play it. Do things that make you feel more alive. Anything that brings you that energy, you need to do more of that.”

..we agree!! With a sound that would fit in well with that of Calvin Harris, Maroon 5 and The Weeknd, these guys bring together crazy good vocals and big beat choruses. Nathan says:

“It’s mixing modern day electronic music into a band. That’s not really being done right now, which is pretty cool. It’s electronic with trap, with pop. It’s just a big melting pot.”

NEW CITY in the recording studio

Their first single released, “Coachella”, is a great example of who NEW CITY is and what they represent. Per Adrian, “everything in that song is basically about what we thought Coachella would be like if we went and everything that would happen”. Funny enough, they wrote this song while it was actually snowing outside … #TheIrony

“Coachella” – NEW CITY

On their latest single, “Dirty Secrets”, the band says it “describes a relationship between two people that aren’t really supposed to be together, but the sexual tension is way too hard to ignore”. Listen to it below:

“Dirty Secrets” – NEW CITY

When’s a good time to listen to their music? Adrian says:

“Our music is definitely for the weekend. As soon as five o’clock hits on Friday throw on our music and start partying because that’s what people will think of as soon as they feel it.”

The guys of NEW CITY party

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