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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lady Antebellum

Posted on June 12, 2017

Grammy Award winning Lady Antebellum, the country band who formed in Nashville in 2006, consists of three members: Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. 🎸🎤

Press photo of Lady Antebellum members. Charles, Hillary and Dave

Here are some facts you may not know about them: 

1. Hillary auditioned for American Idol

Hillary once auditioned for American Idol, where she didn’t even make it to the judges round! She was actually cut after performing for the production assistants and interns! 🎶😱

2. Some members have pursued solo careers

Although Hillary and Charles have both pursued solo careers (and have seen success with those – woohoo!), they still put Lady Antebellum at the forefront of their priorities. 🙌❤️ 

                             Hillary Scott's solo album, Love Remains  

Charles Kelley's solo project - The Driver

3. They have their own charity

In 2012, Lady A partnered with a charity that helps disabled children in Haiti called myLIFEspeaks. This inspired them to create their own charity, LadyAID, which brings awareness to suffering children who cannot fend for themselves.

4. Hillary has been forced to use a fake ID

When the band first formed, Hillary was only 20, meaning she had to use a fake ID in order to perform at bars in the U.S. (the legal age there is 21!) — Note: She got caught once and now advises others not to do this! 💘

5. Hillary gets approval before dating guys

Seeing them as ‘brothers from other mothers’, Hillary gets approval from both Charles and Dave on any guy she dates. She says they know her better than anyone else and have her best interests at heart! Sooo cute!!! 💋

Polaroids of Lady Antebellum - Hillary, Charles, Dave in the studio and chilling

 We ❤️ these facts hahaha…seems like Lady A is a tight-knit group! On their newest album release, Heart Break, the trio mentions that they played a part in writing 11 of the 13 tracks you can hear, and that they really emphasize on their personal stories. Listen to what they mean below:

Heart Break – Lady Antebellum

PLUS, catch Lady A on their “You Look Good” World Tour this summer! 🎉🎉🎉

What do you think of their album? Will you be catching the trio on tour this summer? Comment/react below or tweet us @umusic!