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DNCE Bring The Fun & Energy To The MMVAs

Posted on June 19, 2017

We’re sure it comes as no surprise, but DNCE brought the funnnn and energyyy to this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs with their killer performance of “Kissing Strangers”! 🔋

As always, Joe, Jin Joo, Cole and Jack looked stylish with their unique outfit choices, bringing out their separate but overarching personality traits. 😍

DNCE on the iHeartRadio MMVAs red carpet right before their performance
Photo Courtesy Of: MUCH

Their set design was SO FUN – with a classic New York Broadway sign sporting the band’s logo, red themed visuals and alternating comic styled drawings. 

And uh huh, when Joe went up to a few lucky fans standing right by the stage and touched their hands, ouuu did the screams climb a level – but who could blame them? If Joe was standing that close to us, we’d be screaming too! 😉

The front man stayed on the outer part of the stage, with Jin Joo and Cole joining him. Jin Joo and Joe then leaned on each other’s backs while she performed an INSANEEEE guitar solo – you better rock it girl!! 🎸

Of course, it all culminated with a burst of confetti and co-host Joe, welcoming everyone to the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs. 🎉

We were in LOVE with this performance!!

Check out the studio version of “Kissing Strangers” here: 

DNCE – “Kissing Strangers” 

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