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Meet: Alma, The Pop Singer From Finland You NEED To Hear!

Posted on June 20, 2017

Meet Alma, pop singer/songwriter from Finland. With her vibrant appearance and personality, you certainly can’t miss her.

Alma, singer songwriter from Finland

At the age of 21, Alma has already accomplished several feats, having made her way to the Top 5 on the Finnish version of ‘The Voice’ called ‘Idols’. After this, she was featured on rapper Sini Sabotage’s single “Muuta ku ma” and later toured across Finland with him. She has even been a support act for MØ, before performing on her own in London for the first time.


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When Alma released her first single, “Karma”, she saw the track make its way to #5 on the Finnish Singles Chart. She has also seen success when she was nominated for five Emma Awards, Finland’s version of the American Grammy’s.

Alma at the Emma's with her awards in hand and sticking her tongue out

As The Guardian describes, Alma has a “distinctive voice – a rib-rattling, frayed-around-the-edges clarion call inspired by her childhood love of punk”. We would certainly agree! 

As for her sound, Alma describes it as:

“Influenced and pop. You don’t have to take it very seriously all the time. It’s very real and its very me. I’m just singing and vibing.”

She says that she is:

“Always just writing about what [she’s] experiencing and this new life that [she’s] currently living”.

We think that’s working out for her alright ‘cause her tracks are killerrrr!!! 

In October of 2016, Alma released her debut EP, “Dye My Hair”. With over 30 million Spotify streams on the title track alone, we think Alma is headed in the right direction! 

Dye My Hair – Alma

You can also check out Alma’s latest release, “Chasing Highs”, which has reached #10 on the Finnish Singles Chart – we can’t wait to see how many Spotify streams this will rack up! 😉

“Chasing Highs” – Alma

FUN FACT: Did you know Alma has a twin sister? Check out the picture below and let us know which you think is Alma, and which is her twin! Comment below or tweet us @umusic to tell us! 

Alma and her twin Anna