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Arkells Performed Where?!?!

Posted on June 22, 2017

What an honour to watch this Canadian grown rock band, Arkells! The guys were asked to open the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, where they performed their hit, “Knocking At The Door”, as members of the NHL 100 were introduced. How cool?! 🏒 

They were about half way through the track when front man Max called out some of NHL’s biggest legends, introducing them to the stage. Once all out, the boys finished off their track as the crowd erupted into cheers. 🎉👏

Congrats, Arkells – we’re so excited to have seen you killll your performance at such a grand and prestigious event! ❤️️

Also, you saw that fist bump with Wayne Gretzky, right?! ICONIC!

Check out the studio version of their hit track: 

Arkells – “Knocking At The Door”

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