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8 Artists Who Proved Their Love For Canada Is Real

Posted on July 01, 2017

The True North love is strong.

Canada is great. Canada is beautiful. Even when it’s -40 and so cold that it hurts to breathe, our love for this country is so real. And clearly we’re not the only ones, these artists, both Canadian and otherwise, also realise how great this place is. ❤️

Check out our favourite #CanadianMoments: 

1. When Drake Said We’re “Canada Strong”

Drake won BIG at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, which meant he was up on stage multiple times, giving acceptance speeches. When he accepted the award for Top Male Artist, he gave a shoutout to all of the Canadian artists in the category. 😍 

Watch his whole speech here: 

But apart from this, you can always count on Champagne Papi to rep his country and definitely his hometown of Toronto (aka The 6).

2. When Shawn Hook Wore Canada Goose

While on a tour bus last winter, Shawn Hook was seen sporting a Canada Goose jacket – we hope it kept him warm 😏 If you’re Canadian, you know you need to bundle up to keep toasty in the frigid winter.


3. When Troye Sivan Held Up A Canadian Flag

Although not Canadian, Troye Sivan was quick to show us his love for our country when he not only held up a Canadian flag, BUT did so with the CN Tower in the background. 😎


4. When Jazz Cartier Wore Roots

What’s something EVERY Canadian owns? Roots sweats, of course. That’s why it was no surprise when we spotted Jazz Cartier sporting his own Roots sweatshirt. 


5. When Justin Bieber Watched a Maple Leafs Game

There’s no activity more Canadian than the good old hockey game. Justin Bieber himself was spotted cheering on his favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs alongside his baby bro, Jaxon. PS – have we mentioned how much we love this brotherly love? 😍


6. When Lorde Wore A Canadian Tuxedo

Lorde wearing a full on Canadian tuxedo during her performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards was potentially one of our fave ever Lorde fashion choices.

7. When Shawn Mendes Was Stuck in Toronto Traffic

The city of Toronto is filled with traffic and even the biggest of stars can’t escape it. Fellow Canadian, Shawn Mendes, took to Instagram to share a picture of the view from his car in downtown TO. Doesn’t look like they’re getting anywhere fast. 


8. When Imagine Dragons Held Up A Canadian Flag During Their MMVAs Performance

🙌 Near the end of their performance at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs, Imagine Dragons front man Dan pulled out a Canadian flag and started waving it around the stage. What a moment.

What are your favourite #CanadianMoments? Make sure to comment below or tweet them to us @umusic we wanna see!