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MEET: Greta Van Fleet, Your New Fave Rock ’n’ Roll Band

Posted on July 11, 2017

Meet Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny – four dudes from Michigan who make up rock ‘n’ roll band, Greta Van Fleet. They’re not just any rock band though! Twins Josh and Jake are both 21, while Sam and Danny are only 18. Moral of the story – these are some young kids with old souls who know how to ROCK! Their latest release comes in the form of double EP From The Fires which has taken the iTunes charts by storm, hitting number one in the rock genre.

Despite their ages, all four members have shown maturity, and an impressive amount of success thus far! Their track “Highway Tune”, has already amassed over 1,400,000 plays on Spotify since mid-April. This track ultimately led them to be named YouTube’s “Artist On The Rise” – bravo! 

Greta Van Fleet – “Highway Tune”

Josh and Jake were exposed to that “old school rock n roll” at an early age thanks to their parents. Taking an influence from the likes of Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and more, the brothers decided to form a band in 2012. Sam was also an original member of the band, while the fourth member was different than the one of today. Danny joined the trio back in 2013.

On their name, the guys say they were inspired by a local, Gretna Van Fleet, who was in her 80s yet still played the drums. Although they tweaked the pronunciation and spelling, they say they used the name with her blessing to do so.

The boys of Greta Van Fleet had strong work ethic, as they constantly practiced their live shows in their family garage and road tested their tracks on stages across Michigan. However, the band says that their big push came from their addition of a manager, as well as a deal they signed with Lava/Republic Records.


Fast forward to 2017. Greta Van Fleet scored a TV sync, and heard their song “Highway Tune” featured on Showtime’s hit show, Shameless. The track became available on streaming platforms in early April and a music video, which premiered on Loudwire, was shot to accompany it.

Later that month, the rock n rollers best known for their “super-sized hooks, raw riffage and sweeping vocals”, according to Brave Words, released their debut EP! They called it Black Smoke Rising and were named Apple Music’s “Artist Of The Week”. Black Smoke Rising is the first of three EPs, which, once all released, will form a full-length album.

Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising

On their sound, Josh says:

“We all like the idea that our music provides love, peace and unity. But it could all be cerebral and exciting. It’s nostalgic in some senses, too, in a unique way.”

Jake emphasis his brother’s point, saying:

“It’s important for all of us to personally identify with what we’re doing. To have our music stand for something and affect people in a positive way. We’d love for anyone who comes to our concerts to take that positive energy generated back out into the world and make it their own.”


A month after their EP release,  Greta Van Fleet took to the road with The Struts. On their touring opportunity, Josh says:

“We have an extremely excited crowd to see us, now. There is a vigor and excitement for what we’re doing, and people are accepting this as something that’s substantial.”



On their live performance, the band says it’s a “wild experience” and that they “want you to take something out of it … something that you feel inside or that has lifted you up or done something to change your life for the better”.


“Each of our songs has its own gravity,” says Jake. “And we’re really excited for people to hear the diversity of more than just the four songs that have been released.”

We can’t wait to see these guys bring their energy to the stage!


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