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Get A Behind The Scenes Look At LIGHTS’ Comic Book…

Posted on July 14, 2017

TBH – we’ve never seen a music video quite like this one. With the release of LIGHTS’ second single, “Skydiving,” comes a ridiculously cool video.

The video alternates between two settings. The first one being of LIGHTS in a room, creating and drawing her comic, which, side note, is actually the first issue in her comic book series, Skin & Earth

We think it’s so dope to see her create the comic, giving us a behind the scenes look at what we will then see in reality when we purchase the issue. Not only does she let us on the creative process of the graphics, but she also shows how the text directly matches her lyrics.  

Apart from the BTS look at the making of her comic book, LIGHTS is seen mainly in the nature, especially laying in the sand, lakeside. 

The last part really is the coolest though. We see LIGHTS working on her computer’s comic book software, and in the next, we see her creation having come to life. LIGHTS’ becomes her comic book. It’s wonderfully trippy!

Watch the full video now:

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Plus, stream “Skydiving” on repeat below:

LIGHTS – “Skydiving”