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Lorde Covers FASHION Magazine’s September 2017 Issue

Posted on August 03, 2017

When we saw the September 2017 cover of FASHION Magazine, our jaws truly did drop. Why? Because of how incredibly stunning Lorde looks. Her style is elegant and sophisticated, her makeup is minimal, emphasizing what we’ve thought all along: that she is a natural beauty. ❤️️

Lorde on the September 2017 cover of FASHION Magazine

The article is beautifully crafted by Greg Hudson, Feature Editor at FASHION. He begins with urging the reader to imagine themselves being a pop star — not just any pop star, though. Without mentioning names, we know he wants us to imagine ourselves being Lorde. Greg continues the article with opinions and quotes from the superstar herself, but all along, strings through the metaphor of putting all of the puzzle pieces together, to create the perfect picture. When he sat down with Lorde when she was in Toronto for the 2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, he questioned what she did the day her Melodrama album dropped, to which she answered that she completed a wooden puzzle that she had been working on. 

Greg continues, giving the reader a little bit of insight on Lorde, her family and her upbringing. He lets us know that, though she is extremely musical, she does not play any instruments. The star herself says: 

“I’m hyper-musical, but I don’t really play anything. I write the songs with different chords because I know exactly what I want chord-wise, and then I sing out the chords. I’m very musical, just not in the traditional way, I guess.” 

Though she signed a development deal with a major label, before the release of Pure Heroine, Lorde made sure to always stay true to who she is, her sound, and her roots. Greg discusses both her first and second album, and tells us that Lorde wanted to write her new music as though she had never released any material prior. Her new experiences are those that crafted her new tracks, and though she worked on it collaboratively with producer Jack Antonoff, she says that the “album is so [her] baby.”

Read the article in its entirety here & check out all of the gorgeous photos from the shoot, below:

[Photo Credit: Arkan Zakharov for FASHION Magazine]

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