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Justin Bieber Sends A Heartfelt Apology To Fans

Posted on August 04, 2017

Though we were all sad when we found out that Justin Bieber had cancelled the remaining dates on his Purpose Tour, we knew that ultimately, there had to be a reason behind it. JB loves his fans and would never do anything to intentionally disappoint them. 

A few days after the news came, Justin took to Instagram to explain to fans what he felt, and why he made the decision that he did. In his post, he says that he wants to be a sustainable artist, but not only that, rather he also wants his “mind, heart and soul” to be sustainable. He also says that he will not let past mistakes dictate his future, but that rather, he wants to learn from them, and become a better person because of them. 

Read his full statement below: 


We love you Biebs, and we’re totally for you taking the time to focus on yourself. ❤️️

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