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Meet: Alee – 2017 CCMA Awards ‘Female Artist of The Year’ Nominee

Posted on August 10, 2017

Meet Alexandra Adamoski, better known to the world as Alee (pronounced ‘allie’). Born in Edmonton, this 25 year old country music singer/songwriter is known for her strong musical background, as well as her skillful instrument playing (she can play the guitar, piano AND even the mandolin!), as well as her soulful lyrics. 


Alee says that she grew up listening to artists from Red Hot Chili Peppers to N’SYNC and Britney Spears. When she was younger she didn’t know which lane she wanted her music to fall into. It was only when she became a teenager that she started paying attention to country music. She told Beatroute

“I started hearing the lyrics and all the different instruments in it. The lyrics really spoke to me, and with the lyrics I had been writing all those years, I finally realized at that point that it was country music. There’s something about a lyric and a story that I find only country music can tell.”


Alee released a series of singles when she began putting herself into the world in 2012, the first titled “Real.” Her songs quickly gained momentum, especially “Don’t Say You Love Me,” which was on heavy radio rotation and was ranked as the #8 Canadian song at the time. 🙌

Alee – “Don’t Say You Love Me”

Later, in 2013, at the age of 18, Alee released her first album independently titled This Road Goes Everywhere.

Alee – This Road Goes Everywhere

On the album, she says: 

“I wrote with so many hit songwriters, but my whole thing with this album is that I wanted to find up and coming writers and artists. I somehow found so many individuals that are looking for the next sound to come around. It’s dead on to what everyone is creating right now. It’s cool to know we were ahead of the game.”

This led her to not only be nominated for Female Artist Of The Year at the Alberta Country Music Awards, but to also win the title in both 2013 and 2014 – such an accomplishment. 


Alee later signed to Wax Records, and in April of 2017, she released her first album under the label, titled Bad Habit

Alee – Bad Habit

The song off of the album that she says, makes the biggest statement, is “Only The Strong Survive.” She tells The Music Express the following: 

“The song was written in a room with a couple of girls. I was crying at some point and we were laughing at others. Every single lyric in it was something that came out of our mouths and there’s something so genuine and true about it. It’s amazing how many situations that song lends itself to and how many fans have written to me to say that that number got them through the day. Just being able to reach out to people and change their mood with the melody and lyrics, that’s what the whole journey is about for me.”


And, Alee is no stranger to live performances. One of her strong points is being able to take songs from full band to simple acoustic, something she has done several times over the years, having played at Big Valley Jamboree, Capital Ex, The Jubilee Auditorium and many more events. Live, Alee is known to be full of energy and passion, and comes off as quite authentic. 


What does she think is the craziest aspect of her career? She tells Vue Weekly

“That the crowds keep on growing. I’ve even met some fans that have tattoos of my lyrics. It’s scary to think that there are people that are putting permanent things on themselves and I’m directly related to that. It’s very cool.”

 Aw, we think that’s pretty darn cool, too! ❤️

Make sure to catch Alee perform at Boots & Hearts Festival, plus, check out her latest music video, to her song, “When I Do”

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