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Ryan Tedder Of OneRepublic Talks The Future Of Albums

Posted on August 10, 2017

Ryan Tedder, of the pop-rock band OneRepublic, sat down with Schön! magazine to discuss everything from touring to the future of releasing music! Given Ryan’s experience in the industry, this is a must read.

Tedder is currently one of the most sought after music producers/writers in the industry. Having worked with Beyoncé, Adele, Maroon 5, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and more, it’s easy to see the success of his career. On top of writing for others, Tedder is also the frontman of OneRepublic. We’re sure you know them as the band that only puts out hit after hit!

When talking with Schön!, Tedder was asked, “Do you think your new strategy of releasing songs rather than albums is going to become the norm in the near future?” to which he replied,

Totally. I think it kind of has already, people just haven’t realised it yet. [As for OneRepublic], we will do another album, for sure, we just don’t know when but I would imagine in 2018. I’ve been doing the same thing for going on 11 years now with this band and I think that the nonstop grind of it has pushed me to a point of just being exhausted. I got to the point where I didn’t even want to do it anymore. Right around the time we dropped our latest album, it coincided with me just being completely exhausted and just being like “You know what? There’s nothing I want bad enough that would justify me getting on another airplane, leaving my family and being gone for another 6 months”.

I think being able to just release music as you see fit makes it so much easier. Plus, the world kind of tells you what song they love. No Vacancy – which we put out back in April – could’ve easily gone to radio. We actually sent it out to research and it tested pretty high. We had all the data we needed to go to radio with it, but we didn’t. The song is now closing in on 100 million streams and it’s something we have done zero work behind. We perform it live and people love it: it’s a fun summer track.

Read the rest of Tedder’s interview with Schön! right here.

Also, check out the amazing pics taken for the mag below:

Looking good Mr. Tedder! 😍

You can stream OneRepublic’s latest release below as well!

OneRepublic – “Rich Love” (with Seeb)