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What Do Other Hit Artists Think Of Dance Music Producer, Zedd?!

Posted on August 11, 2017

From working with Lady Gaga, to the time he wrote his first hit track, to future plans and everything in between. Zedd sat down with Billboard and told them his whole story. 


It’s the way in which Billboard describes the setting where they met the iconic dance music produce, Zedd, that shows he hasn’t let ‘fame’ get to his head. They met him in his mansion in the Hollywood Hills, playing Texas Hold ‘Em with some friends. In the interview, he says that he hates “blowing money” and that he “doesn’t get status signifiers”. Billboard says he drives a Tesla. Why? Because it’s environmentally friendly. They also say that he tries to avoid the use of private jets, because they cost too much. When describing his plaid button-down shirts worn at the beginning of his career, he says he did that “a T-shirt wasn’t enough, but a jacket was too much.” Regardless of how much money he makes or how significant he is, Zedd is careful with his money and doesn’t try to portray himself as a ‘superstar’.

One of our favourite parts of the article was hearing what other artists who have worked with Zedd in the past, had to say about him.

Liam Payne: “He’s definitely a perfectionist”

Hailee Steinfeld: “I felt like I was [recording] with a bandmate, or friend. He cares about the people in the room”

Julia Michaels: “I’ve never met somebody so particular in the studio. [He’s] an awesome dude. He’d make me sing [lines] in, like, three different keys, over and over and over”


As for what’s to come? Zedd says he plans on continuing to release singles (instead of a full album), and will be headlining a North American tour in the Fall. He will also have a residency at four nightclubs in Las Vegas. Put in that WORK!

Read the article in its entirety here.

Listen to Zedd’s latest release with Liam Payne “Get Low” and listen to the perfection of his production.

Zedd & Liam Payne – “Get Low”

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