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Meet Kacy Hill: The Model-Turned-Singer, Signed To Kanye West’s Label

Posted on August 17, 2017

Meet Kacy Anne Hill, the trip hop, electronica, dream pop American model & singer/songwriter signed to Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D Music. But how exactly did that come to be? Let’s look back & find out.


Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, 23-year-old Kacy has always had a passion for the arts. At a young age, she started singing in a choir, and learned how to play two instruments: the oboe and the saxophone. She also pursued an education in the arts, at the Arizona School for the Arts.

At age 16, Kacy began modeling. She felt there would be more opportunities in Los Angeles, so as soon as she finished high school, she relocated to the City of Angels. It was at this point that she became the face of a major clothing store, American Apparel. you may have heard of them. 😉


One day, Kacy met a director who influenced her to pursue music. At that point, she shifted lanes a little bit, ultimately working on her first single, “Experience”.

Fast forward a little bit now. At this time, Kacy was cast to be a backup dancer for Kanye West on his Yeezus Tour. At the beginning of the tour, she felt ready to release her first single. Well, that single got into the hands of Kanye while he was on the road and once he heard it, he signed Kacy to his label. Simple as that. It happened right after his show in Atlantic City. SO CRAZY, RIGHT?! 😱 Kacy’s current label-mates include Big Sean, Pusha T and Desiigner.


She released an EP in October of 2015, but her debut album, Like A Woman, did not come out until June of 2017. Who’s an executive producer on the track, you may wonder? Well, Kanye of course. On the creative process behind the album, Kacy tells Billboard:

“I’ve been writing this album for three years, and it was done. And then last year, I put out a song called “Lion,” then had a meeting with Kanye, and he was like ‘I hate this song,’ and I was like ‘cool, I kinda do too.’ He helped me find the driving force behind reproducing the whole album. We redid a lot of production then (West) set me up with my stylist who helps me with some creative direction. Once I had that, all of the visual elements finally clicked for me and came from there.”

Kacy Hill – Like A Woman

On the overall theme of the album, Kacy tells Billboard:

“The biggest thing is that it’s reasonable to be a sexual being and to do things that make you feel good and require respect from people. It’s about doing things that make you feel good, without apologizing for them all the time.”

Apparently, Kanye advised Kacy on her career as an artist, saying she needed to make some changes to her sound as well as her story. She ultimately took his advice, now focusing on curiosity to let guide the tracks, versus a catchy hook.

And have you seen her music video for her single, “Like A Woman”?

Kacy tells us more about it…

“I wanted to make things that we’re really feminine, and had these sexual undertones, but were also sexual in a way that it is uncomfortable and a bit unconventional and something you’re not used to.”

You go girl! 👏 While Kacy is planning to tour her album (she tells Billboard it’s her “favourite part of the entire process because it’s the only real face-to-face contact where she gets with listeners and people who are actually driving the music”), she really just wants to focus on releasing as much music as she possibly can.


Keep those songs coming, Kacy! We can’t wait to hear what will be released next! 🙂

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