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Børns’ Explains How His Gucci Suit Made Him Faster In New Music Video

Posted on August 20, 2017

Børns has finally got the recognition he deserves! Starting with his single, “Electric Love”, he’s back with an incredible new music video for his latest track, “Faded Heart”. See what we mean 👇

We HAVE to talk about Børns’ Gucci outfit for a hot sec. He tells Vogue that the outfit made him “faster and more agile, so he was able to do some stunts that he would not have been able to do were it not for the Gucci suit.” We believe it! Look at these moves.

He says he came up with the concept for his video one night when he suddenly woke up from his sleep.

Over the last year he has been passing by the Triangle Motel, located in Los Angeles, and he says he knew he wanted to shoot something there. Why? He tells Vogue he “loved the mystique of it, and wanted to use it in something”. We feel you, Børns – we also think it looks DOPE AF!

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