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The Cutest Pictures of Artists And Their Grandparents

Posted on September 10, 2017

We were scrolling through Instagram and noticed a continuously adorable photo series: artists posting with their grandparents. Of course, we had to share this level of wonderful with you all. Get ready to smile, cause these photos will have you doing it non-stop!

Shawn Mendes

Katy Perry

Smurfin' Sunday with OG Hudson

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Ariana Grande

article-2733461-20C4DE7000000578-168_634x892Photo Courtesy of The Boca Raton Tribune  

Lady Gaga

lady-gaga-family-maternal-grandparents-1Photo Courtesy of BHW

Selena Gomez

324CB0C900000578-3497562-image-a-48_1458248622588 Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail 


Have you seen any other cute grandparent + artist pics online? Post em in the comments below for continuous smiles! 🙂