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We’re Getting Futuristic Vibes In Lana Del Rey’s “White Mustang” Music Video

Posted on September 17, 2017

Obviously Lana Del Rey has come back with yet another, amazing music video for her song “White Mustang” off her most recent album Lust For Life

White Mustang” starts off by spanning into futuristic looking housing – with Lana Del Rey and her eye candy of the video. 


Wondering who he is? His name is Eðvarð Egilsson, an LA based model, actor and musician who originally hailed from Iceland.

As per Lana fashion – the video embodies a vintage atmosphere paired with vivid contrasting colours. I mean, it’s what Lana does best and we are all here for it ❤️.

If you have yet to check out the “White Mustang” full video, take a second to admire the true ART:

Lana Del Ray – White Mustang (Official Video)