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Discover The Inspiration Behind Halsey’s Tattoos

Posted on September 25, 2017
We love Halsey, her music, her fashion and especially her tattoos!

We’re taking a deep dive into some of her ink and the inspiration behind it. The “Bad At Love” singer always provides us with a ton of inspiration – but where does Halsey get hers? 

Her Family

That’s right! Halsey said that her mom was an inspiration behind getting tattoos. She was the one who actually brought Halsey to get her very first tattoo – an anchor that has her mother’s initials within it.

Fun fact: Halsey’s mom brought her into the shop to get a foot tattoo – in hopes of turning her away from getting any others, since the foot is among the most painful to ink.

Photo Courtesy Of Romper

Halsey also took the time to ink a tattoo for her brother – the date of his birthday.


Her Fans

Halsey selected three lucky fans from Twitter and got matching tattoos with them! The four of them inked an unlit matchstick – symbolizing potential that has yet to come.  Once they feel they have reached their full potential, a flame will be added. How cool?

Halsey - Tattoo Blog Image3

Her Friends

Halsey and her friend Sean got matching Venus and Mars tattoos! “My friend Sean is an Aries so his ruling planet is Mars and mine is Venus and his birthday falls EXACTLY on my half birthday so we got each other’s ruling planets!”



The sheet music tattoo on the back of her arm are actually representative of music from producer, and ex-boyfriend, Lido. These four notes can be heard as a signature in many songs that he’s produced, including some of Halsey’s!

Photo Courtesy Of Steal Her Style

Similarly, she has another tattoo that ties back to Lido – inspiration taken from his own album called, Everything. 


Where does some of the inspiration for your tattoos come from? Any Halsey fans out there rocking ink inspired by the hopeless fountain kingdom singer? Link us to your tattoo, in the comments below, or tag us on socials @umusic!