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Shawn Mendes Has Never Had His Heart Broken.. But Wants To?

Posted on October 04, 2017

Our fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes says that he’s never had his heart broken.

The “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” singer says that although he’s never had his heart broken – he wants it to happen. In an interview Shawn Mendes speaks on his past love life and how it relates back to his music.

He says, “I’ve mildly suffered from love, but not as much as I make it sound like”. Which is why he CAN’T WAIT to get his heart broken – to be able to write new music for another album. 

Although we love Shawn’s music, we don’t want anyone going around breaking his heart either! 

Interested in watching the full interview? Click play down below! Or fast forward to 5:55 if you’re an impatient one. 😉

Let us know what you think of Shawn’s reasoning behind wanting to get his heart broken in the comments below!