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October’s Very Owned: A Podcast About Drake – Every Day For The Month Of October

Posted on October 10, 2017

Drake fans – Noisey is bringing you a podcast every day about our very own Drake for the whole month of October!

Every single day for the month of October, Noisey will be recording a podcast on the topic of Drake. 31 full episodes of Toronto’s very own. Get excited for a new podcast every day!

Each podcast will have its very own topic. From his start as an actor to becoming a rapper; random things like what he eats; how he spends his Saturdays. Noisey will be covering everything and anything! Take a listen to these podcasts that will be available to you every single day.

Who doesn’t want a daily dose of Drizzy? If you’re interested, a full list of episodes are available for you to listen to here. Enjoy!

Let us know if you have listened to any of the podcasts! Which one was your fave so far?