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Watch Eminem Deliver This Killer Freestyle Rap At The BET Hip Hop Awards!

Posted on October 11, 2017

The acapella freestyle rap that everyone is talking about is brought to you by the one and only Eminem. 

Showcased at the BET Hip Hop Awards held on October 10th. This rap had everyone with their jaws wide open after hearing Eminem’s comeback. It not only proved his freestyle abilities, but also the ability to talk about important issues happening in the world. Em touches on current issues the world is facing at this time – speaking on the president, white supremacy, gun control and environmental issues. 

Watch the full verse that the internet went crazy over:

Following Eminem’s verse, social media posts came flooding in from those who were tuned in to the awards. Lets take a look at how many people were excited to see him back in the game!

Definite mic drop. Eminem is back and we are so ready for it!

Let us know if you tuned in to The BET Hip Hop Awards. What did everyone think? Let us know in the comments!