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J Balvin Reveals How Beyoncé Collab On “Mi Gente” Came About

Posted on October 12, 2017

J Balvin tells us the inside scoop on how Queen B got added onto his hit song, “Mi Gente”.

Apparently, Blue Ivy is loving the Latin hit. One day at the recording studio, J Balvin is told that Beyoncé is a huge fan of the song. 

Afterwords, he jokingly says that Beyoncé should be added on to “Mi Gente” for the remix. An offhand comment turned into reality for this Latin singer. 

“I never expected it to happen.” But happen it did: On September 28, a new version of “Mi Gente,” featuring Beyoncé singing in Spanish was released – J Balvin tells Vogue

J Balvin, Willy William – Mi Gente ft. Beyoncé 

In addition to Balvin’s hit song, he hopes to keep attracting global audiences with his music. To not only attract the Latin music lovers, but to achieve a “global sound” that ensures enjoyment by all. 

In the past, Latino musicians such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias have released songs in English just to appeal to global audiences. However, J Balvin seems to be doing perfectly fine singing without an english translation. He is becoming a success in his own right, while sticking to his Latin roots.

What do you think of Balvin’s efforts to move Latin music towards the global platform? Let us know in the comments.