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Niall Horan Celebrates “Flicker” Album Release With A Scare From Ellen

Posted on October 20, 2017

Niall Horan is no stranger to the Ellen show.

With multiple appearances on Ellen under his belt, Niall Horan comes back again to celebrate the release of debut solo album, Flicker.

It’s no surprise that Ellen likes to give her guests surprises from time to time. Niall’s surprise however, is one you wouldn’t expect.

Firstly, the pair talk about his relation with the One Direction boys. Once Niall mentions Harry – ‘Harry Styles’ pops out of a crate to scare the “Too Much To Ask” singer. Guess it’s never too early for some Halloween surprises. 😂

Watch ‘Harry Styles’ scare Niall Horan here:

Ellen then dives into the things we all wanna know. Questions about awards, becoming a solo artist and of course, his dating life. Niall speaks on if he considers himself a “new” artist – and in some ways he does. He may have been around for a long time, but this is his first solo project.

Which then, takes us to the addition of his Flicker world tour – and how that will effect his dating life. “There’s always a dating question on this” Niall jokes, but confirms that he’s single, ladies. 😉 

Get details on Niall’s dating life here:

And if that wasn’t enough Niall for you, he also performed his new hit “Too Much To Ask”

Niall Horan – “Too Much To Ask” (Ellen Performance)

Congrats on everything you have accomplished so far Niall. ❤️

Let us know what you think about his new album Flicker in the comments below. If you have yet to listen, go stream it NOW!