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Katy Perry’s Style Evolution Through The Years

Posted on October 25, 2017

Let’s take a look back at Katy Perry’s style evolution throughout the years.

Style is something that has been a big part of Katy Perry’s musical career. She started out as a fresh faced gospel singer and has turned into a full blown colourful pop star! From cute and comfy, to colourful and electric. Every phase of Katy’s career has also been another stage of fashion statements. 

So, why not take a look back at all the quirky fashion that has become iconic Katy Perry style. 

2003 – Fresh face paired with dark hair and a classic dress

Katy Perry - 2003 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Seventeen

2004 – Starting to incorporate colour and print

Katy Perry - 2004 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Teen Vogue

2005 – Playing with pastels in an adorable sundress

Katy Perry - 2005 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Glamour

 2006 – A chic mini, paired with a little Katy Perry sass

Katy Perry - 2006 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Zimbio

2007 – The start of bold prints; bold colours; and a bold personality

Katy Perry - 2007 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Elegant Wig

 2008 – The “Hot n Cold” days

Katy Perry - 2008 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Glamour

2009 – Turning full glam with a hint of sparkle

Katy Perry - 2009 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Buzznet

2010 – The beginning of ever-changing hair colours

Katy Perry - 2010 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Harper Bazaar

2011 – Cotton candy pink 

Katy Perry - 2011 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Celebuzz

2012 – Hues of blue, purple and pink with a bold outfit

Katy Perry - 2012 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Idolator

2013 – Back to her dark roots, paired with a classier outfit choice

Katy Perry - 2013 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Popsugar

2014 – Green hair paired with bold prints

Katy Perry - 2014 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of People

2015 – Purple hues and glittery gowns

Katy Perry - 2015 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Huffington Post

2016 – Dark braids with a daring ensemble

Katy Perry - 2016 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Daily Mail

2017 – Blonde pixie cut with a classy look that still embodies a little Katy Perry flare

Katy Perry - 2017 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Glamour

How was that for a trip down memory lane? Katy Perry has gone through a ton of fashion and hair evolution throughout the years. It seems like she can pull off any look she wishes to achieve! 

Which year has your fave Katy Perry style? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @umusic!