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Your Fave Artists And Their Insane Cat Obsessions

Posted on October 29, 2017

Meow! Happy National Cat Day.

Everyone loves a good cat picture. They’re insanely adorable to look at, wouldn’t you agree? 

We know some artists who have a little bit of a cat fetish, but for good reason. They’re adorable balls of fluff – and great to cuddle with. To celebrate National Cat Day (which should be everyday), we are here to go through a couple adorable cat captures with some of your fave artists and their feline friends! Get your smiles on. 😊

Taylor Swift

National Cat Day - Taylor Swift - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of InStyle
National Cat Day - Taylor Swift 2 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of NY Daily News

Katy Perry

National Cat Day - Katy Perry - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of So Purrfect
National Cat Day - Katy Perry 2 - Blog
Photo Courtesy Of Perez Hilton

The Vamps – James McVey

National Cat Day - James Mcvey The Vamps - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Capital FM
National Cat Day - James McVey The Vamps 2 - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of M Magazine

Justin Bieber

National Cat Day - Justin Bieber - BlogPhoto Courtesy Of Perez Hilton

How adorable?! Who’s a fan of cats? If you are, tweet us pics of you and your feline friend @umusic!