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What Do Drake And Harry Potter Have In Common?

Posted on November 08, 2017

Full of surprises, Drake is.

A relentlessly successful music career, a thriving restaurant, his OVO clothing line, and a ton of other ventures, there’s no denying Drake is on fire. Now, he’s looking to expand his reach and take on something else – the film and television industry. Sitting down with Hollywood Reporter, Drake opened up about his upcoming plans.

After premiering his first dabble in filmmaking, The Carter Effect, Drake decided to give the tv scene a go. He found his first taste of fame on the popular teen tv series, Degrassi, so his upcoming television projects with Apple and Netflix would be more of a homecoming for the rapper than a brand new venture.

Photo: Drake Hollywood Reporter photoshoot
Photo Courtesy of Drake | Instagram

Fittingly, he premiered the movie in his beloved hometown of Toronto. Anyone listening to his music will quickly pick up on his love for the city, “I can get in the car in Toronto and drive and go do my own thing. I know the streets. I know everywhere. I know everyone,” he told Hollywood Reporter.

BUT don’t expect to see him on your screen playing a leading role anytime soon, “When I get back into acting, I want to do things that make people go, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that,’” he said to HR.

Speaking of surprises, Drake also revealed a rather random interest of his: Harry Potter. So, basically Drizzy is a fan just like the rest of us. However, he’s set his sights on a particular $160,000 first edition of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone that’s recently been put up for sale. Casual.

Photo: Drake Hollywood Reporter photoshoot
Photo Courtesy of Drake | Instagram

Another notable confession? The fact that he’s been collecting Hermès Birkin bags for “the woman [he ends] up with.” That’s one lucky future wife.

Despite all of these future ventures, rest assured Drake will continue blessing us with his music. He confessed: “I’m sure I’ll stop [making music] one day. When it starts to feel like I’m making it up. Hopefully I’ll catch it before I ever get there, right? But right now it feels like we just started, so I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. But I do plan on expanding — to take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music’s always there.”

Amazing. What do you make of all this? Let us know with a comment below or send us a tweet over @umusic.