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Taylor Swift Confirms Whose Baby Features On “Gorgeous”

Posted on November 10, 2017

Y’all were right. Again.

Taylor Swift dropped her latest album Reputation, so naturally the decoding of all of the secret messages began ASAP. But in typical T. Swift fashion, she has yet to confirm or deny most of the talked about theories. Except for one.

One of the biggest questions people had so far was whose baby was featured at the beginning of her single “Gorgeous”. Some super determined Swifties continuously looped the first second of the song to try and decipher the voice. And it looks like  their conclusion was right. The voice is none other than Taylor’s friend’s’ Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds eldest daughter, James. 

It was confirmed in the album’s booklet, which credits baby James Reynolds. How adorable is that? 

Now that one theory is solved, how about the rest, Swifties? Looking forward to hearing about the other mysteries Taylor has planted for us in Reputation.

Until then, go ahead and tell us your favourite song off Reputation in the comments below, or send us a quick tweet @umusic.