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Liam Payne Talks Mature Relationships and Meeting Charlie Puth

Posted on November 15, 2017

Here’s the juicy details.

Sitting down with Billboard, Liam Payne spilled a few of the stories behind his newest single, “Bedroom Floor”. Opening up about the process of how the single was put together, the relationship he has with Charlie Puth, and even reveals a few BTS secrets about the official music video, Liam gave us an inside look at the coming together of it all.

The song began its journey in Los Angeles, California, where Liam met Charlie Puth. Charlie, who is known for his falsetto was shocked to learn that Liam could also hit the impossibly high notes. The “Strip That Down” singer busted out some killer falsetto notes, which then turned into a “falsetto-off” between the two. Oh, how we wish we were a fly a on the wall when this all went down.

Liam also went on to officially dub this new single “dark pop.” It’s definitely a dance track but with more of a chill vibe as Liam described. 

Talking about the meaning behind the song, Liam explains that it’s a song about two people who don’t really want to be together, yet they can’t get enough of each other – in certain ways. Ways Liam jokes are NSFW. 

He also addressed some of the questions that came up with the release of the music video where Liam plays a figment of Bella Thorne’s imagination, tuning into her thoughts and feelings. So THAT’S why the shots kept panning back and fourth between the two. You learn something new everyday.

Catch the rest of Liam Payne’s segment with Billboard below:

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