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Sam Smith Reveals Plans For His Third Album

Posted on November 16, 2017

Same, Sam Smith, same.

Sam Smith recently stopped by for an interview with the The Associated Press, where he got super candid about a few things. The “Too Good At Goodbyes” singers discusses his plans for album number three, recording a batch of bad songs and his ultimate spirit animal, Rihanna. 

Photo: Rihanna posing for vogue
Photo: Courtesy Of Rihanna | Instagram

Sam Smith admitted to being a huge fan of RiRi not only for her music, but also the way she lives her life. Completely true to herself. He told AP:

“She inspires me a lot because I think she’s just unapologetically herself and that’s something that I’m trying to do. I want to be a role model, but I don’t want to be a perfect role model. Like, I go and have mad nights out, just like she would. And, like, I’m completely human, I’m going to make mistakes. I think we need (people like Rihanna) more because no one’s a robot.” 

Amen to this, Sam.

Photo: Sam Smith in Cologne, Germany
Photo Courtesy Of Sam Smith | Instagram

Sam went on to get super candid about the making of his sophomore album,The Thrill Of It All, admitting that he found some of the songs were too deep, and too bad, to be released to the public. “There’s one song called ‘Only for the Cameras. It was really deep but I, no.” Seeing as everything Sam touches is fire, we’re pretty certain he’s just being his own toughest critic.

Explaining why these select songs didn’t make it onto the album, Sam said, “They’re a bit too self-indulgent and just too much like, come on. Get a hold of yourself. Even I was listening to them like, pull yourself together, Sam.” Who else wants to hear these tunes now? 

Though The Thrill Of It All was only just released, Sam already has album number three on his mind. He says he’s super excited to record a third project, as are the rest of us.

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