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Post Malone Gets Real About Life As A Chart Topping Rapper

Posted on November 20, 2017

A deep dive into his personal life.

Rolling Stones stopped by Post Malone’s crib in Tarzana, Los Angeles to have a chat – if that doesn’t make you a rockstar, then nothing does. Post went on to discuss his life growing up, the success he’s acheived and even his friendship with Justin Bieber. 

Born as Austin Post in Syracuse, New York, at the age of nine, Post Malone turned a habit into a hobby. The hobby of playing Guitar Hero for hours upon hours, turned into the talent of actual guitar playing. This lead to his music taste becoming even more varied. But he had always had a diverse taste in music, in high school, he was in both metal AND indie bands. He also dabbled in hip-hop, putting out a mix-tape called Young and After Them Riches. Talk about talents in multiple genres, Posty. 

Photo: Post Malone, Yellow Tee
Photo Courtesy Of Post Malone | Instagram

Fast forward and at the age of only 22, Post Malone has engraved a name for himself in the music industry. His ever so popular “rockstar” has been No. 1 on the charts in what seems like forever (five weeks and counting).

Just in case Posty ever has any “am I dreaming?” moments, he can just look to the numerous plaques he has laying on his white marble floor.

One of his favourite markers of success? The countless Post Malone Halloween costumes that were donned this year. Post describes the feeling of meeting dedicated fans saying, “On Halloween, they came dressed up like me, which is easy: Just look homeless.” Give yourself some credit there, Post.

Photo: Post Malone performing on stage
Photo Courtesy Of Post Malone | Instagram

All jokes aside, Post Malone admits a very raw and vulnerable side to his ‘partying’ image. He confessed, “I’ve always had a loneliness. I’ve always been anxious. Big brain. Lots of thoughts.” Even though he is comfortably sitting atop the charts, with success, he says, “It’s easy to feel numb.”

But he’s got friends to keep him company. One in particular that you definitely know – Justin Bieber. Post Malone describes him as an awesome dude, who is a genuine friend. One question that comes to mind is, would the two ever collab? Post says he doesn’t believe in genres, so for him to randomly collab with Justin wouldn’t be out of the cards. Alright boys, make it happen.

In OTHER Post Malone news, he’s only gone and dropped both the unofficial and official videos for “Rockstar”. What an absolute blessing you are, Posty. 

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