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Would You Recognise Maroon 5 In These Disguises?

Posted on November 23, 2017

Maroon 5… Is that you?!

Maroon 5 joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show as bearded buskers. Yes, you read that right. With fake hair, fake beards, hats, and sunglasses, the trio hit the subways of New York City looking virtually unrecognisable.


They played a couple of songs while in disguise showing off their busking skills. Adam Levine and guitarist James Valentine performed acoustic renditions of their hit, “Sugar” and Queen’s classic tune “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. They even had Jimmy hop in on the action to add in some tambourine.

Quite a few people passing by stopped to watch the trio without knowing they were actually listening to the voice of Adam Levine. Once a crowd gathered, the group ditched their disguises to surprise everyone watching. What an unreal surprise.

Check out the hilarious skit down below: 

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