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Sam Smith Proves True Love Really Does Exist In Apple’s Holiday Ad

Posted on November 24, 2017

Just Sam Smith making Christmas wishes come true. 

This year Apple’s holiday ad is centered on the idea of love at first sight. The campaign is called “Sway” and follows a woman walking down a snow-covered street with her iPhone X in hand with Sam Smith’s “Palace” on blast. Listening to the song transports her to a different place where she’s walking down a festive street on her own.

That is, until she bumps into a stranger and the rest is history.

The woman shares her earpod with him and together they continue to dance along to “Palace”. The two new lovers are brought back to reality when the song comes to a sudden stop. Sigh.

The slogan of the ad is “move someone this holiday.” Oh, to be in love.

Sam Smith’s tune “Palace” may not be considered a holiday song, but it’s seriously a perfect match for this ad. The song pairs beautifully with the dancers, the snowfall, and the scenery. After watching this, we are ready to get on with all our holiday festivities. 

Watch the rest of the ad here, it’ll definitely get you into the holiday spirit. 

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