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Justin Bieber Gave These Young Hockey Players The Best Surprise

Posted on November 27, 2017

Here’s how.

Justin Bieber gave a team of young hockey players in Whistler, BC the best surprise the other night. They were in the middle of a practice when the Biebs decided to crash the party. 

According to Steve Legge, the president of the Whistler Minor Hockey Association, Justin’s people contacted him the night before, but didn’t actually reveal who would be showing up. He was told that a high level celebrity based out of L.A would be joining them for a night. Thinking it would be a player on the L.A Kings, turns out everyone was in for a surprise. 

Out of nowhere, Bieber joined the team on the ice dressed in full on hockey gear to play a quick scrimmage match. Hid behind full gear and a helmet, the players actually didn’t recognize the singer at first. BUT once they did, to say they were shocked would be an understatement.

After all was said and done, Mr. Legge said, “He’s very fit. He’s very humble and very respectful. It was awesome. Just an amazing experience for the kids.”

How would you react if Justin Bieber showed up at your hockey practice? Tell us over @umusic.