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The Beaches Share Their #TourLife Secrets

Posted on November 28, 2017

Here are the do’s and donts of tour life.

Since the release of their album Late Show back in October, The Beaches – a Toronto based rock band including Jordan Miller, Kylie Miller, Eliza Enman McDaniel and Leandra Earl, have been taking the world by storm. Since then, they’ve hit the road, touring the world and have learned some pretty important things along the way. 

The girlband have been joined by Death From Above on the tour and over the last few months they’ve become pros when it comes to tour life. High Voltage Magazine caught up with the band to get some insight on how it feels to be constantly on the move.

PHOTO: The Beaches, standing with pink background - all wearing very stylish outfits


Stay clean. Shower every day.

Even in desperate need of sleep, The Beaches make sure to keep their hygiene in tact. 

Try to eat healthy.

Healthy and real food can be a hard find on the road. So when it’s readily available, they take advantage.

Do your laundry.

Seems simple enough right? But the girls make this a priority if there’s a day off.

Go get fresh air and exercise. 

The girls admit that most of the time is spent in the car, or in smelly venues, so going outside is a necessity. 

Make playlists.

One for the day, one for the night. The girls keep their much needed music for any occasion.

Take pictures and videos.

They make sure to document everything. 

Use Yelp.

This is a must-have app since they’re always on the road.

Remember to fill your car up with gas.

Again, makes sense. Always on the road calls for constant fill-ups.

Photo: The Beaches, on tour with Death From Above
Photo Courtesy Of The Beaches | Instagram


Do not eat McDonald’s breakfast every single morning.

As good as it is, we totally understand the struggle with this one. 

Do not wear your shoes in the car.

The girls recommend to always air out your feet once in the car.

Do not eat a Zebra Cake. Ever.

We definitely want to know the backstory with this one. 

Do not go to sleep with a face covered in makeup.

Ladies. Could not agree more. 

Do not EVER go to White Castle. 

Harold and Kumar reference. Classic. The girls say it’s not as good as advertised.

Do not drink all the beer on your rider.

Photo: the beaches debut album late show press picture
Photo Courtesy Of The Beaches | Instagram

There you have it! The Beaches share their tour secrets and life on the road. Any of these surprising? Unexpected? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us over @umusic.