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Nicki Minaj Transports To A Magical World In H&M’s Holiday Campaign

Posted on November 29, 2017

It’s a fairytale ending. 

H&M recently released a new campaign full of holiday magic. It stars Nicki Minaj and she’s joined by actor, Jesse Williams. Together they play parents to an adorable little girl that brings holiday cheer to all. The video tells a bedtime story that they tell their daughter, which transports her into another (more magical) world. 


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Once Upon A Time…

A young girl who is basically a mini chemistry genius conjures up a blackhole that plunges her into a parallel universe. In this universe everyone lives in fear of a man who steals everyone’s presents. He’s none other than Father Christmas’ evil brother. Once the little girl hears this, she makes it her goal to save the community by bringing back holiday cheer. 

To do so, she goes to seek help from ‘the smartest thingy’ played by Nicki Minaj, who looks just like a mystical fairy. She then continues her way to get assistance from ‘the fastest fairy in the world’ played by Jesse Williams. Although neither of these two fairies are able to help her cause, she continues along her path.

Magically, she finds the address to the lair of the evil thief, making him swear that he will never steal or ruin anyone’s Christmas ever again. And in the end, he heeds her warning.

To end things off, the little girl makes her way home and sends all of HER Christmas gifts back to the kids in the parallel universe. All this joy, happiness, and gift giving was down to this adorable young lady. 

The end.

Photo: Nicki Minaj H&M Holiday Campaign 2017

The campaign ends with a message about the importance of generosity. This year’s H&M holiday donation goes to UNICEF to give children the best start in life. #HappyGiving.

As much as this ad touched our hearts, it also left an impact on Nicki. She says, “I love the film’s overall empowering message. I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us. There’s always magic in the air during the holidays.” We could not agree more. 

Watch the full campaign down below.

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